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‘Ayothi’ Tamil Movie Review

Ayothi – Review
Yashpal, along with his wife and two children from Ayodhya decide to go on a spiritual trip to Rameshwaram. Yashpal is a conservative and religious person.
During the trip, the family meets with an accident during which Yashpal’s wife is severely injured. Sasikumar, who is the car driver’s friend tries to help the family, but Yashpal’s wife dies on the way to the hospital.

What happens next, Was Sasikumar able to help the family forms the rest of the story.
Director Mandhira Moorthy has touched upon the importance of humanity and the need to fellow human beings through this movie.
The way he has handled the characters to convey the emotions is commendable. With a simple story, the screenplay of the film is its biggest strength.
He has touched up on several contemporary issues without deviating from the actual theme of the movie.
Sasikumar has delivered one of his best performances in his movie. He has captivated the audience with his emotions. Sasikumar scores in almost all the scenes that he appears on screen taking the audience on an emotional journey.
Yashpal is terrific as the conservative father. His character undergoes a change of heart as the movie progresses and he has conveyed it in a convincing manner.
It is hard to believe that this is Preethi Asrani’s first Tamil movie. She has got into the skin of the character. Rest of the cast including Pugazh, Bose Venkat have all done their part well.
Composer NT Raghunanthan’s background score adds more emotion to the proceedings. The other technical aspects are appreciable.