Sunday, December 10

‘Kuttram Purindhaal’ Movie Review

Kuttram Purindhaal
– Review
Aadhik Babu grows with the support of his uncle M S Bhaskar. M S Bhaskar’s daughter Archana and Aadhik are in love with each other.

Bhaskar decides to get them both married. However, three intruders get into the house which topples their life.
Aadhik loses Bhaskar and Archana and tries to get justice for them through law.
However, he fails in his attempt and decides to take matters in his own hands.
Who are the three persons, was Aadhik able to punish them forms the rest of the story.
Director Disney has spoken about the necessity of giving severe punishments to criminals.

Though this is a regular revenge story, the way in which the director has presented it is impressive.
Aadhik Babu who makes his debut with this movie has delivered a mature performance. He shines in the sentiment and action sequences.
Archana plays the pivotal role in the movie and creates the much needed impact for the role.
M S Bhaskar has as usual makes his mark in the role and adds more strength to the proceedings.

Abhinaya who plays the role of a cop is impressive. Rest of the cast have done their part well.
K Gokul’s camera has captured the proceedings on screen in a lively manner.
Music composer K S Manoj’s songs are impressive and the background score is impressive as well.
Rating: 3.5/5