Friday, June 14

Tamil Nadu, Britannia baking time travel a reality? MaKaPa, Rakshan& Vijay share nostalgic memories with Milk Bikis Classic

\If you had the superpower to travel back in time, wouldn’t you live in those simpler times and relive your childhood again? Popular Tamil actors like Makapa Anand, Rakshan and Vijay Pugazh are no exception to this. Reminiscing their childhood and sharing their wish to go back to the simpler times, these actors shared their stories on social media platforms giving a delightful surprise to their fans and followers. The common thread that ties all their childhood memories is the all-time favorite Britannia Milk Bikis Classic, which holds a special place in everyone’s hearts and kitchen shelves. While being fully aware that they cannot go back in time, they have joined the patrons of Tamil Nadu asking for their favorite Milk Bikis Classic to be brought back for old time’s sake. #BringBackMilkBikisClassic

Here is a glimpse of their childhood memories:

Makapa Anand


Vijay Pugazh