Tuesday, May 28

Voltrix Mobility Enters Indian E-Cycle Segment with the Launch of TRESOR for Office Commute

Chennai, January 05th , 2022: With a vision to contribute its part towards India’s fight against the global climate change and lifestyle related issues, Voltrix Mobility, founded by a team of young and dynamic people, commenced its operations in the electric-powered mobility segment with the launch of their first product line exclusively designed for urban commute – aptly named the TRESOR.

A perfect blend of elegance and ergonomics, TRESOR is the best looking pedal-assisted electric bicycle which has been engineered with a 250 watt motor that makes for a smart, efficient and enjoyable ride. What makes TRESOR truly a one-of-a-kind is its removable integrated lithium ion battery that eliminates the need for charging stations and offers an impressive range of 60 – 80 km per charge and reaches a top speed of 25 kmph. The bicycle also comes with five levels of pedal assist , throttle-only (like a conventional bike) , and manual pedaling mode.

Commenting on the brand launch, Mr. Viveak M Palanivasan, “Founder & CEO”, Voltrix Mobility said, “According to WHO, physical inactivity is a leading cause for diseases and disability. Sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of having diabetes and obesity. Research suggests that the majority of these diseases are inherited to the future generations as well.When you ride a pedal-assisted electric bicycle like TRESOR, you give yourself a safe and effective cardiovascular exercise that’s high enough to make a significant positive impact on your health. And this, I believe, is very critical in today’s urban-lifestyle where technology brings everything to one’s doorstep, leading to inactive, sedentary lifestyle diseases. The electric-powered bicycles are much needed for our country to be a healthy ‘young India’, the way it used to be till the early 90s’, and I am confident that Voltrix will become a brand new alternative for safe, enjoyable and healthy transportation for the urban population.”

Commenting on the TRESOR, Sakthivigneshwar R, Founder & CTO, Voltrix Mobility said, “Our mission in this exciting journey is to inspire customers  and TRESOR, being our first product line from Voltrix, is designed and developed specifically for the office-goers considering the role they play in our country’s overall progress. The TRESOR line of electric bicycles infuses joy and function into mobility in a truly affordable manner. With the average speed of urban commute ranging between at 16 and 20 Km/hour , TRESOR will help one you reach one’s your destination faster and in a more efficient way. We will be launching two more products in the next 6 months catering to  different customer profiles.”

“Right from the outset, we are focused on giving optimum riding experience and a sustainable lifestyle. We have identified certain core areas of focus and have clear plans of creating a manufacturing facility for electronic components for the E-bike segment in India. We are looking to achieve  150 retail locations across 6 urban cities by the year 2024 in order to occupy 4-5% of market share with more than 40,000 Voltrix Electric Cycles running on the Indian roads.”  concluded, Dr.Kumar Loganathan , President, Voltrix Mobility.

TRESOR electric “SuperCycle” , starts at Rs.55,999/- (Early bird offer) and it can be booked right now at Rs.999/-. Easy financing options are also available. It is integrated with the latest technologies and best of the safety features needed for office-goers to truly enjoy their everyday office ride. Delivery starts from the 3rd week of January, 2022.

About Voltrix Mobility :  Voltrix is a sustainable mobility company which focuses on building electric vehicles and allied technologies to help people Improve their lifestyle, making cities more lively & livable.

As an aspirational, young Indian company, it envisages significant contribution towards a zero-emission future, while giving consumers back their freedom of mobility, where issues such as road congestion, lack of parking space and rising fuel prices become immaterial. We believe that urban commuting should neither be polluting nor time consuming – a vision that keeps us going far and beyond in bringing new and improved mobility solutions.

For more details about the product , you can visit  www.voltrix.bike.